Yugen Kasha (Management: Babacho Co. Ltd.)

Company President Toshio Baba
June ,1892 (Meiji 25)
Niigata Prefecture, Mitsuke City, Imamachi 8-2-2 954-0111 Japan
Business Hours
8:30~17:30 JST(Excluding weekends and holidays)
Email Address
[email protected]
+81 258-66-7100
+81 258-66-6677
Management Philosophy

We are constantly adapting to the changing times and delivering understanding and satisfaction to our customers.

120 years have passed since the company was established in 1892 (Meiji 25), and we are continuing to respond to the changing times as well as the various needs of our customers.

During the age of nothing after World War II began the primitive wholesale business where peddlers from across the country divided and sold their products. After that came the Japanese economic miracle period where general housing equipment and imported materials from Taiwan were sold across the country. In addition, there was a sudden rise of domestic DIY related contractors and at the same time gardening materials and handicraft tools were being sold, and over the ages we have delivered our products to our precious customers.

We will continue to stay true to our fundamental company management principle of ‘Putting the customer first,’ and we will do our very best to be even more useful to the customer then we have ever been.