Yorokobi Hammered Aogami Super Kitchen Knife Santoku 180mm

A traditional home kitchen style knife for preparing a wide variety of food.
Slicing, mincing, and chopping are effortless with this standard Santoku.
We used Hitachi Metals Yasuki Aogami Super as a blade material, and pursued beauty with a hammered finish.
It is a product that makes you feel the taste of manual work.
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100% made in Japan
Material:Aogami Super

The Aogami is a steel material that has improved heat treatment properties and abrasion resistance by adding tungsten, chromium, etc. based on pure carbon steel The Shirogami. Depending on the carbon content, there are distinctions such as Aogami Super, Aogami #1, Aogami #2, and it affects the hardness (sharpness) and abrasion resistance of the blade. Aogami Super is considered to be the highest grade among them, and it is said to be the highest peak steel which is excellent in hardness and abrasion resistance.
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