Yorokobi Shirogami #2 Single Edge Japanese Kitchen Knife Deba 180mm

The Deba kitchen knife is ideal for slicing through the body of the fish and de-heading, tailing and boning.
They are also perfect for chopping work.
The blade material uses Hitachi Metals Yasuki Steel Shirogami #2.
This product characterizes sustainment of sharpness and ease of sharpening.
It is a basic one as a Japanese Kitchen knife for professional use.
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100% made in Japan
Material:Shirogami #2

The Shirogami is a pure carbon steel that reduces impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur as much as possible. Depending on the carbon content, there are distinctions such as Shirogami #1, Shirogami #2, Shirogami #3, and it affects the hardness (sharpness) and abrasion resistance of the blade. Moreover, by forging and quenching, its performance to the fullest such as toughness and hardness .
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