Yorokobi Shirogami #2 Single Edge Japanese Kitchen Knife Yanagiba 240mm

This kitchen knife in particularly is suitable for filleting, slicing and skinning fish and it is traditionally used for preparing Sashimi.
The blade material uses Hitachi Metals Yasuki Steel Shirogami #2.
This product characterizes sustainment of sharpness and ease of sharpening.
It is a basic one as a Japanese Kitchen knife for professional use.
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100% made in Japan
Material:Shirogami #2

The Shirogami is a pure carbon steel that reduces impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur as much as possible. Depending on the carbon content, there are distinctions such as Shirogami #1, Shirogami #2, Shirogami #3, and it affects the hardness (sharpness) and abrasion resistance of the blade. Moreover, by forging and quenching, its performance to the fullest such as toughness and hardness .
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