Yorokobi "Koeda" 210mm SLD -Twig Scissors-

Kireru Yorokobi "Koeda" Twig Scissors features high quality blade material, high processing technology and finish.
The blade material uses Hitachi Yasuki Steel SLD, it is rust resistant and easy to clean.
Moreover, because it is excellent in abrasion resistance, the sharpness lasts long and it will continue to cut.
The handle is long and thin, making it ideal for places where leaves and branches are complicated.
Since it is put in the original dressing box, it is also pleased as a gift item.
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Usage:Twig cutting, budding, leaf cutting
100% made in Japan
Material:Hitachi Yasuki Steel SLD

Hitachi Metals Yasuki Steel SLD of the highest grade sharpness and durability including chromium comparable to stainless steel and carbon equivalent to Aogami Steel in addition to molybdenum vanadium is used. Temperature control during polishing and polishing are very difficult steel, but the cutting edge is finished by hand finishing (satin finish) with its own abrasive and manufacturing method done with skill.
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